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It’s A Fuckin Summah!!!

So I lied. I refuse to apologize. We have had a hell of a time recording and posting shows since the new year. I have about 3 shows that need to be edited and posted, but in the meantime I am putting up a long one that we’ve done recently. Even though we have 1 fan. I hope all of you have had a good summah. It’s been a good one here in VB, besides the waves sucking and the nationwide heatwave. Fuck the bullsnacks, listen to the shit show.



New Show Up!!! Check it>!

Hey everyone I know I knoww…… I have fallen way off the track with updating this shit. I Palojize. Work has been steady busy since the New Year and it’s been hard to find the time to do the shows and post them. But enough excuses. We got our format down and can record it halfway decent, so fuck it, IT’s ON. like Charlie Sheen and and his tiger blood. We will be doing a show every Tuesday from now on. So give it a listen and hit us up.



Catchin’ Up. Just Because….

It’s been a while since we’ve done anything. The new year has created a world of stress with my job and we’ve recorded a bunch of episodes, but we haven’t posted most of them or much of anything new to our blog. Actually, we haven’t even told any of you about this shit yet. We’ve been waiting for the “right time”, as if there will ever be a good time to release this shit amongst our friends. All of it’s pretty retarded and foul, but we are just trying to have fun and entertain. I haven’t been up to Nova or seen Leo in a long time. I miss him. Our dedication to the show is still there, we just have to figure out a better system to record and post our content. The weather is getting warmer now, so I’m sure you are all right there with me in saying that your mood is getting better and this spring/summer is going to be great. Cheers.

Saturday Night Live!

I am posting our 2nd episode up right now and we are going to attempt to do a semi-drunk podcast tonight after we get home. Look forward to that. If my internet doesn’t f it up like it has for the last couple of tries. I’m going to call those fuckers up today and see if they can’t fix that for good. Hope all is well to you very few people that will see this. Actually probably nobody will see this because we haven’t told anyone about it yet. So you are in the future reading this, fuck you. Just kidding. But I’m not.

What’s on tap for the weekend?

If you’ve already heard our first official podcast (which I posted last night), you may well know that I will be traveling up to Nova this weekend to see everyone and to have good times. Eric is back from Boston, Nick doesn’t have to work and things are lining up to be a great weekend. I haven’t been up there to visit in a long time. It’s crazy because I thought that when I moved I would be back like every other weekend. Turns out it’s not that easy/convenient to do that. Hopefully the traffic isn’t as bad as I think it will be. I’m getting in Friday and I’m going to stop by Alex’s to chill with him, go get some sushi with Ashley and then wait for Leo to get off work to head up to DC. Seems like Eric won’t be able to go out Saturday so we will be in Arlington at Mister Days Friday night. Saturday Nick wanted to go for a hike and then Lake Braddock is playing in a regional semi-final game at home, so we might go by and check that out. I haven’t been back to that school since the day I graduated. It should be interesting. We are planning on doing our 2nd episode on Saturday from DC. Be sure to check that out once it’s up. We’re hoping that we can get a few guests on this next episode and see how that plays out. One of my favorite podcasts is Comedy Death Ray with Scott Aukerman, and he always has guests on who play roles. The way they bounce questions around and play games is great and might be something we try to do here one our show. We are still trying to figure out the format of our show and have some structure so people will actually want to listen to it. If you have suggestions on what you’d like to hear or if you’d like to be a part of this show please email johnbnleoftw@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned for our next show from DC. Peaceout bitches.

First Official Podcast Is Up! Check it out!

We recorded a couple of weeks back and it took me a while to post it, but I put it up under our Podcasts page last night. We also recorded our first official episode last night as well. It covers the reason we started doing this whole project and we talk about our current lives and all the shit that is going on right now. Check it out and give us some feedback. Thanks for stopping by. Chuch.

Test Podcast is up! Recording 1st Episode Tonighteh!

So it’s taken a while to get this thing off the ground. BUT FINALLY! It is here! Our test podcast we did in Richmond a few weeks back is up now, and we are recording our first official podcast episode tonight. It will be posted in the next day or 2. We are excited that we have finally got the ball rolling on this thing and we hope you enjoy it, at least a little bit.