Oct. 25, 2010

jeanb:  dikcheese
Sent at 9:45 AM on Monday
me: mmmmmm…dichcheese
jeanb:  the german kind
bavarian dik cheez
me: how was floda
jeanb:  crazy man
its a whole different world down there
we should try to go to maimi somtime
maybe for one of our bachelor parties
there is an abundance of smokin hot spanish chicks everywhere
me: i bet…i saw a movie about it once its called scarface
jeanb:  yeha, met him
me: dude i killed it in fantasy this week
jeanb:  yeah i think i lost both leagues, again
suckin dix
im tired of nick winning
me: bavariab dix
jeanb:  i’m gonna cut his team
me:  everyone is
ill cut him tonite when i see him
jeanb:  yeah, cut him with a big knife
Sent at 9:50 AM on Monday
jeanb:  i gotta let him know that i aint comin up this weekend
im looking forward to straight chillin alllll week/weekend
i slept for like 11 hours last night
Sent at 9:53 AM on Monday
me: nice
im still comin down the 1st week of november
Sent at 9:58 AM on Monday
me: bacon vodka madness
jeanb:  i dont know man
now that i think about it, it sounds kinda trife
me: ?
ur kinda trife
jeanb:  you need to come down. and i’ll try the bacon vodka, but in no way is that the titel of the weekend
me: def the title
its part of my social series experiments
jeanb:  i see
are you documenting this shit
you should start a blog
that way you can look back on it down the road
me: kinda i wrote up some shit after the strat experiment
and i should start a blogabout it
urs will b titled the terd burglar series
jeanb:  sounds about right
i was gonna start a new blog
still have my personal one, i never write in anymore
but after i had a convo with this dude on the plane yesterday… i wanna get more into self-exploration
like finding contentment in life
me: like touching?
jeanb:  that too
me: thats good but thats a fine line
jeanb:  this guy was brilliant though
must’ve been 80, had done everything and been everywhere
nice as shit…
he was just talking about life, and all the shit we go through, and what really makes us happy
it was actually pretty enlightening
i felt better about life after i talked to him
…. kinda like, no matter what, everything is gonna be ok…
Sent at 10:08 AM on Monday
me: seekink  contentment is like seeking happiness it is great to experience but can destroy u if ur to blinded in ur search and letting the happiness pass u by but im glad u found some enlightenment
Sent at 10:10 AM on Monday
jeanb:  i agree, but alls i’m saying is , we all live in a box of some sort…. of comfort. and being happy is as simple as enjoying the small things in life… and working hard so that we can enjoy our play time…
me: exactly
jeanb:  its all about the journey and enjoying yourslef
people that are money hungry and power hungry are not going to be happy in the end.
people that enjoy their friends and companionship, but are alos happy as an individual are most happy
me: ur blowing my mind this moring socartes
its a good thing
jeanb:  nah, im not trying to be all gay and shit, im just saying its funny how 1 conversation witha  random person on a pllane can change your perspective a little bit
me: yeah i know im serious too…thats tight
jeanb:  penis
me: i have a 2ox level b
jeanb:  had to break it up there
me: i have a 2 level box
jeanb:  vagine
me: with a patio so i can think outside the box
jeanb:  oh i see
me: that just happend
when i come down u wanna go see jackass in 3d?
jeanb:  we could do dat
giggle a little bit
me: i like to giggle :P
jeanb:  double k chuckle
Sent at 10:19 AM on Monday
me: do u think antonio banderas smells funny?..cause i do…he looks like he would have thats like homeless dirty mexican kinda smell
jeanb:  yeah, realllly mexican. and all of them smell like trash.
and bullshit
but they are great workers
Sent at 10:21 AM on Monday
me: yeah i mean i would def let him clean my toilet and mow my lawn and shit but  just keep him away from my kids so they dont get the mexican aids which everyone knows is worse than the american aids
Sent at 10:24 AM on Monday
jeanb:  fuckin mexi’s
Sent at 10:28 AM on Monday
jeanb:  dude i can’t work for shit today
i don’t think i’m even going to try
Sent at 10:32 AM on Monday
me: yeah me too im just here no workey foe mikey
jeanb:  its just the shit i have to do, is not really work
its like shit i can do today or tomorrow, just as long as its done by wed.
the fact that i dont have a strict timeline to work by fucks me up
makes me not give a shit
me: yeah same here the shit i have to do can b done in like an hour
jeanb’s new status message – if you don’t chew big red…. then fuck you.   10:55 AM
me: fuck u and big all about double mint
jeanb:  youre all about dix in ur butt
me: simon says shut ur face
jeanb:  ohhhh i see what youre doin here
you wan play games
loo loo loo….
me: signs point to u like gay
jeanb:  i do like gays
but i am glad i am not
me: check back later
jeanb:  it’s like being black
never quite an equal
me: ask again later
jeanb:  you’re a smelly kid
me: signs point to yes
jeanb:  hahah
me: im pissed for real though
mother fuckers been usin my butter
jeanb:  at work?
me: get ur own butter muther fuckin co workers
jeanb:  haha, that shit is funny when stuff like that happens at work
you shoudl send out a mass email about it
Subject: Yall motherfuckers best stop using my butter, or else….
me: it like people think u g shopping and b like oh my coworkers would love some butter snatch fairys
hehehe..i like the subject
jeanb:  yeah
Sent at 11:05 AM on Monday
me: lets grab drinks (in a friendly, not super awkward because ive eaten your ass kind of way) sometime soon
Sent at 11:09 AM on Monday
jeanb:  ew
but ok
i feel bad bc i never go to nova anymore
but its just not that easy to travel up there on the weekends
me: u should feel horrible
jeanb:  i know, i do, i feel like im missing all my homies
me: signs point to u r gay
jeanb:  maybe in a few years
me: yeah ur missing some awsome orgies
jeanb:  once i get tired of vajine
me: u and hickory? maybe?
jeanb:  hickory def. me maybe.
me: lol
me: yeah u went kinda light
what do u think sucking on a racoon penis would b like?
jeanb: it would be hard, because racoons are crazy and their dicks are tiny
he would scratch your face off if you tried
me: yeah tiny
but would it b all slimey and shits
jeanb:  smell like trash
me: plus that thing would prolly claw ur face off and u’d b like dude im just tryin to suck ur penis
jeanb:  there’s no reasoning with a racoon
Sent at 11:18 AM on Monday
jeanb:  if they monitored our conversations at work, we’d both get fired
Sent at 11:20 AM on Monday
me: like maybe u could jingle u  r keys and that would distract him and then u’d be suckin his wang and all of a sudden he’d b like this is pretty nice
LOL yeah…or b like fuck it these guys are funny!
jeanb:  the IT guys prolyl can see what i’m typing in here
but i’m cool with them
i should prolly stop using the n work just in case
me: hahaha
and prolly stop talkin bout racoon penis
Sent at 11:22 AM on Monday
me: one day our convesation should b about how we killed these bitches last nite and go into some pretty graphic detail
jeanb:  then the fbi shows up
and pin murders on us
me: that why if they were spying we would know cause the police would b like u killin people and i’d b all no i like racoon penis
and then we kill them…..?….for bein rats?
you die u snitch bitch!!!!
jeanb:  i am following you, but not
me: i kill you tooo, pretty mouth
dont u love my mindless banter
jeanb:  yes, yes i do most of the time
you will make good for a crazy old man
me: dude if i was a serial killer evryone should b scared shitless
jeanb:  yeah, but you are not that kind of person
me: signs point to….
Sent at 11:33 AM on Monday
me:  so yesterday at my dads he had this ball thingy that he uses to wax his bike, and i said to him is that ur ball waxer and he got all mad saying i shouldnt talk like that…and i said this comin from the guy that loves sam kenenson
jeanb:  ol’ rick
me: dude i should take this whole conversation and post it as a blog
if u go back and read it its actually pretty crazy
Sent at 11:38 AM on Monday
jeanb:  yeah, its all on a higher leve in the beginning, and then back to how we always talk
shows how we operate on multiple levels
which is a good thing
one second it could be like… all enlightening, and then next thing said is racoon dick
me: yeah exactly what i was thinking
dude we could make this into a website we could be rich!!!!
get away IT people its my idea!
jeanb:  jeanb&
me: actually like that!
we sould like we are a law firm bt were not
jeanb:  we could do a podcast
jeanb&leo fuck the world
me: the url: jeanb&
jeanb:  i dont know if you can have the & sign
me: web title:kashn’carm fuck the world
is available
me: okay so good news that website is still available
nice even better
dude can we really make this happen?
jeanb:  yeah, we actually could
me: u can make us a website right?
jeanb:  yea
me: dude lets do this
jeanb:  obv, no one is going to take that name
so i need to come up with a site and buy the space
me: how much is that?
jeanb:  and then we will do podcasts and post them on there along with other shit
all together its not more than 30 bucks or so for a years
me: i got 15 on that junks
jeanb:  obv we’d have to go halvsies on erything
but it could be fucking great
just sit down and do an hour long radio show, as a podcast
me: yeah im actually pretty excited this could b our ticket
jeanb:  once a week
or something like that
talk about everything football, politics, bullshit, pussy
our friends and their issues,
me: and racoon penises!!!
jeanb:  i’d actually liek to doa  podcast
of course all the random shit we always talk about
me:  dude lets do this

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